Our Strategy, Values and Core Strengths

We aspire to be a leading global producer and distributor of high quality nitrogen fertilizer products that provide essential nutrients to feed the world, and high quality industrial chemicals that provide clean, environmentally sound solutions to our customers. We aim to create a safe and encouraging workplace for our employees, and are committed to delivering exceptional value to our shareholders.

Our strategy

Be a leading global nitrogen fertilizer producer and distributor uniquely positioned as a sustainably low cost producer on a global scale, with production assets in both developed and emerging markets.

Grow our industrial chemicals platform by capitalizing on opportunities in the United States where we have taken a view on the sustainability of competitive natural gas prices to become a leader in downstream natural gas based chemicals, beginning with methanol.

Commit to being a good corporate citizen wherever we operate by investing in the best people and technologies and maintaining the highest international standards of quality and safety.

Continue to deliver exceptional value to our shareholders. 

Our values

Promoting excellence in every aspect through our expertise, efficiency, attention to detail and passion.

Creating exceptional value based on the depth of our financial resources, our local knowledge and our technical expertise.

Safety focused in every aspect of our operations.

Ensuring our people and operations to match global standards and maintaining a commitment to develop our host communities.

Our core strengths

Our people: their expertise, hunger for knowledge and passion to excel. Above all, their loyalty and commitment to OCI N.V.

Our resources: capital resources that enable us to respond faster than our competitors.

Our experience: a tradition of excellence and achievement.

Our entrepreneurial attitude: a strong appetite for investment and diversification to grow our business and increase revenue streams.