Board Profile

The composition of the Board of Directors (Board) strives to arm OCI N.V. with leadership that is diverse in skills, experience, and background, thereby maximizing the Board’s ability to independently and critically act without emphasis on particular interests.

The Board maintains independence by ensuring the majority of members including the Chairman are independent Non-Executives. The Board’s composition, independence, competencies, and qualifications are detailed in the Board Profile adopted on 13 May 2013.

Every year, the Board evaluates its performance and functions based on a questionnaire that is completed by all Board members and every three years with the aid of an external consultant. 

OCI N.V.'s Board profile, rotation schedule, diversity policy, remuneration policy and share ownership guidelines can be found below:

OCI N.V. Board Profile
OCI N.V. Board Rotation Schedule
OCI N.V. Board Diversity Policy
OCI N.V. Remuneration Policy
OCI N.V. Share Ownership Guidelines