Sales & Distribution

Through our strategically located trading and distribution operations, we are able to directly reach our customers through a wide-reaching network developed across Europe and the Americas.

Our trading operations are optimally organized by product and split between three entities: OCI Fertilizer Trading (OFT) and OCI Fertilizer Trade & Supply (OFTS), and N-7 LLC. Located in Dubai, UAE, OFT focuses on trading granular urea and AS. Located in Geleen, the Netherlands, OFTS focuses on ammonia and UAN. N-7 LLC is a 50/50 joint venture with Dakota Gasification Company, through which we jointly trade our North American nitrogen fertilizer and DEF products. We additionally trade various nitrogen fertilizer products and AS in Brazil through FITCO, a 50/50 joint venture with Fertipar, Brazil’s largest fertilizer compounder and distributor.

Global Distribution Reach

We benefit from strategic access to ports in Europe, North Africa, and the Gulf Coast. OCI Terminal Europoort, our wholly owned ammonia terminal, is located at the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands; OCI Beaumont has access to jetties on the Gulf Coast; EFC and EBIC are located directly at Sokhna Port on the Red Sea in Egypt, and Sorfert has direct access to two ports in Algeria on the Mediterranean.

With branches in Europe, North Africa, the Americas and the Middle East and sales in over 60 countries, our global presence with centralized management allows us to mitigate the effects of regional demand seasonality and maximize freight advantages across locations and product mix.