Iowa Fertilizer Company

Iowa Fertilizer Company (IFCo) is a wholly owned greenfield nitrogen fertilizer complex in Wever County, Iowa, capable of producing up to 3 million metric tons of nitrogen fertilizers and diesel exhaust fluid per year.

IFCo was first envisioned in November 2011 as part of the Company’s strategic expansion into the United States and is the first greenfield, world-scale natural gas-based fertilizer plant built in the United States in nearly 30 years. Peak construction activity created over 3,000 jobs and the plant has created approximately 200 permanent jobs.

World-Class Production Complex

IFCo is one of the largest nitrogen fertilizer plants in the United States based on design capacity and utilizes proven state-of-the-art production process technologies from world leaders. IFCo has licensed its ammonia production technology from Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a leading supplier of ammonia technology; its urea production technology from Stamicarbon B.V. (Stamicarbon), the world’s largest licensor of urea production technology; and urea granulation, UAN and nitric acid technologies from ThyssenKrupp Uhde. By using premium technology suppliers, IFCo benefits from greater reliability, efficiency and flexibility in the production of nitrogen products.

Diversified Product Portfolio

IFCo’s diversified nitrogen fertilizer product portfolio includes design capacities of up to 1.6 million metric tons of UAN, 883 thousand metric tons of ammonia, and 437 thousand metric tons of granular urea, in addition to 820 thousand metric tons of diesel exhaust fluid, a fuel additive used to lower harmful nitrogen oxide emissions and improve fuel economy. The facility’s design provides significant flexibility in determining the relative production amounts of its various nitrogen products and therefore allows IFCo to maximize production of swing products in response to changes in market dynamics and to maximize netback prices.

Strategic Location with Strong Distribution and Logistics

IFCo is strategically located in southeastern Iowa, adjacent to the Iowa-Illinois border and in the center of the Midwest Corn Belt, which is generally understood within the nitrogen fertilizer products industry to include the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio. The Midwest Corn Belt is the largest market in the United States for direct application nitrogen fertilizer products. The United States is the largest corn producer in the world, with Iowa and Illinois being the top two corn producing states. IFCo’s core market for nitrogen fertilizer is considered to be the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

IFCo’s proximity to its core markets allows us to optimize logistics infrastructure with nearby access to truck, rail and potentially barge transportation. With the goal of optimizing logistics infrastructure, IFCo currently leases 476 railcars for use in product delivery. IFCo’s on-site storage capacity includes 100 thousand metric tons of ammonia, 30 thousand metric tons of urea, 80 thousand metric tons of UAN, and 41 thousand metric tons of DEF. IFCo’s physical location in the center of the Midwest Corn Belt provides a strategic location and transportation cost advantage compared to other producers who must ship their products over greater distances to our core market. The combination of IFCo’s transportation options, proximity to customers and on-site storage capacity allows for advantageous flexibility to reach customers effectively. In addition to truck and rail access, IFCo is located within four miles of the Mississippi River and can expand its distribution network to include barge through the construction of barge facilities.