OCI Beaumont

OCI Beaumont is an integrated methanol and ammonia production facility that is strategically located on the Texas Gulf Coast near Beaumont. 

World-Class Production Complex

Since acquiring OCI Beaumont in 2011, we have fully rehabilitated the facility and debottlenecked both lines, achieving a 25% increase in ammonia and methanol production capacity. Our investments in the facility have also resulted in reduced energy consumption, and greener ammonia and methanol production through the implementation of state-of-the-art Best Available Control Technology (BACT), a pollution control standard mandated by the United States Clean Air Act.

The integrated methanol-ammonia facility uses Lurgi GmbH’s Low Pressure Methanol technology and Haldor Topsøe technology. It is one of the world’s largest merchant methanol producers.

Strategic Location on Gulf Coast

OCI Beaumont is strategically located on the Texas Gulf Coast, which provides advantageous access and connectivity to established infrastructure and transportation facilities, including pipeline connections to adjacent customers and port access with dedicated methanol and ammonia export barge docks. OCI Beaumont has connections to one major interstate and three major intrastate natural gas pipelines that provide access to significantly more natural gas supply than the facility requires and flexibility in sourcing natural gas feedstock. OCI Beaumont also has a state-of-the art ammonia and methanol truck loading facility on-site, providing flexibility to reach customers effectively. The facility also includes two ammonia tanks with a total capacity of 33 thousand metric tons and two methanol storage tanks with a total capacity of 42 thousand metric tons.