Green Methanol

We are a leading green methanol (also referred to as bio-methanol) producer, using biogas rather than natural gas at our Dutch and US methanol plants.

Green methanol

Green methanol is an advanced second-generation biofuel that is produced using bio-waste, meaning it not only reduces our own consumption of natural gas, but also provides an outlet for waste that would otherwise emit methane, which represents 16% of global GHG emissions and traps ~36 times more heat in the atmosphere than CO2 over 100 years.

When used as a fuel, green methanol provides a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions versus petrol or diesel, which means it is an excellent hydrogen fuel to meet renewable fuel standards.

A Global Leader

  • #1

    Largest producer of green methanol globally

  • 2015

    Leading market presence in green methanol since 2015

  • ISCC

    Green methanol certified by ISCC EU and ISCC Plus

  • 60%

    GHG reduction in emissions vs. petrol/gasoline

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