2020 Annual general meeting of shareholders

OCI N.V. invites its shareholders to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (the AGM), to be held virtually on Wednesday 17 June 2020at 3.00 PM (CET).

The full agenda including explanatory notes, the Report by the Board of Directors for the financial year 2019, the Annual Accounts 2019, the Remuneration Report and the proposed 2020 Remuneration Policy can be found at the Company’s website www.oci.nl. Copies of these documents can also be obtained by shareholders, free of charge via ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (ABN AMRO) by email: ava@nl.abnamro.com.

Number of Votes

The number of votes that can be cast at the AGM (based on information available on 20 May 2020, after processing of all settlements of that date (the Registration Date)) is 209,685,182. This equals the number of issued shares (210,306,101) minus the shares that have been repurchased by the Company (620,919). The Company may not cast votes for repurchased shares that it holds in its own share capital.