OCI N.V. Successfully Acquires 99.84% of OCI S.A.E.

13 March 2014

OCI N.V. (Euronext: OCI) announced today as of the closing filings on 13 March 2014, OCI N.V. expects to own 99.84% of OCI S.A.E. corresponding to 206,588,860 shares as a result of its tender and  exchange offers for OCI S.A.E. shares. The remaining shares in OCI S.A.E. in the form of ordinary and depository receipts total 329,601. A total of 174,957,805 shares, representing 84.6% of total OCI S.A.E. shares elected to convert into OCI N.V. A total of 31,631,055 shares, representing 15.3% of total OCI S.A.E. shares, elected the cash offer.

OCI N.V.’s shares outstanding now total 205,911,570 shares. Settlement of the cash and share elections will be completed in five business days.