We produce 16.2 million metric tons of nitrogen and methanol products.

    We are a global leader in nitrogen, with a diversified portfolio of over 11 million metric tons of nitrogen fertilizers, diesel exhaust fluid, and melamine.

    A Global Leader

    • #3

      Global fertilizer producer

    • #2

      CAN producer in Europe

    • #1

      Global melamine producer

    • Leading

      Ammonia trading platform

    We are a global leader in methanol and bio-methanol with a proportionate production capacity of nearly 3 million metric tons per year.

    A Global Leader

    • #5

      Global methanol producer

    • #1

      Methanol producer in Europe

    • #1

      Global bio-methanol producer

    • Nitrogen

    • Methanol

    • Supply chain

    Global distribution reach

    Our strategically developed trading and distribution operations allow us to directly reach our customers through a wide-reaching global network.

    We have a coordinated global sales and marketing organization for our products, with hubs in Europe, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and China.

    Our distribution infrastructure includes a wholly owned ammonia export terminal at the port of Rotterdam, warehousing capacity across the United States, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, rail car fleets in the United States and Europe, and two ammonia vessels.

    All our production facilities have direct access to key ports and distribution hubs, including port access on the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Arabian Gulf, and port or harbor access in Europe and the United States.

    • 1.9 MT

      Global warehousing capacity

    • 1,582

      Global railcar fleet

    • 15 KT

      Ammonia Vessel

    • 500 KT

      Ammonia terminal in Rotterdam

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