Our employees

We are committed to creating a safe and encouraging workplace that fosters excellence in every aspect.

Our people are fundamental to our success and represent a core tenant of our mission, vision, and values. We strive to create a safe and encouraging workplace where there is mutual trust and respect towards and amongst employees. We promote excellence in every aspect of our operations by investing in our people to foster their development and encourage their passion to excel.

A local employer

We are proud to have cultivated a strong community focused identity as a local employer with 3,600 employees around the world. We have a commitment to maximize the use of local resources whenever possible by drawing local people into our company and developing their skills, and by choosing local partners where possible to supply materials and other services.


Our employment strategy has resulted in a diverse global workforce encompassing 25 nationalities located in ten countries, with diverse ethnicities, religious beliefs, cultures, orientations, ages, and other traits working together respectfully and with a shared sense of purpose.

Fair compensation

We are mindful of the importance of ensuring all employees are fairly compensated and have crafted our local compensation frameworks using each country’s living wage as the baseline. We believe that when an employee can afford their family’s basic needs including discretionary income, they are more motivated to succeed. We consistently rank amongst the top quartile of employers by annual compensation in each of our communities, and we offer a range of benefits in line with local employment laws.

Wider job creation

As a global developer of world-scale, state-of-the-art greenfield projects, we have a strong track record of wider job creation and positive economic impact in our communities.

Investing in our People

We are committed to fostering an environment that encourages individuals to seek opportunities for professional growth and enrichment. We invest in our employees through training and development programs focused on professional growth and enrichment. Opportunities are tailored to the needs of each employee, and can include on-the-job practical training programs, sponsoring higher education, mentorships and leadership programs for succession planning, and online courses.