Our environment

We are committed to being an environmental steward.

Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

We continuously invest in best available technologies to minimize our emissions wherever possible. This has been our policy since we first became a nitrogen fertilizer player in 2008. These investments have resulted in our emissions being amongst the lowest of our global peers.

Working Towards Europe's Emissions Targets

Our Dutch facilities are a driving force in reducing the Dutch chemical industry’s impact on climate change, in line with Europe's announced GHG emissions reduction targets.

Conscientious Water Management

As water is an essential but finite resource, we each have a role to play in protecting our global water supplies.

Each plant works to maximize water efficiency through comprehensive water management processes, recycling and reusing water wherever possible, and ensuring any water discharge meets local regulatory requirements.

We also work with farmers to increase nutrient efficiency, which in turn minimizes runoff to local water sources and puts less strain on irrigation supplies.

  1. Water is sourced from municipal sources, wells, and surface water. 
  2. Water is used in the production process in several ways, such as cooling water, as steam, or as a raw material for our downstream products. Water is circulated and re-used many times throughout our production cycle.
  3. Following several cycles through our plants, water is recycled by using neighbouring plants where interconnections exist or is safely released as unpolluted water vapour.  
  4. Water is treated at water treatment facilities to ensure it is safe and clean. 
  5. Water is safely discharged as per local regulations or further recycled as irrigation water. 

Producing Environmentally Sound Solutions

As part of our continued efforts to minimize our environmental impact and create a sustainable product portfolio, we invest in products and initiatives that provide cleaner and more sustainable solutions to our customers.

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