Our stewardship

We are committed to working towards solving global challenges.

We are committed to working towards global food security. Through various programs, we work with our customers around the world to maximize yields, strengthen crops, and accelerate growth to meet the world’s rising food demands. We also work to ensure our products are used in a way which safeguards health, occupational and public safety, the environment, and ensures security.

Sustainable agriculture through nutrient stewardship

OCI’s fertilizer products help achieve sustainable agriculture by providing an effective and environmentally sound source of nitrogen, the key nutrient required for crop growth and development. By using nitrogen fertilizers, farmers can:

  • grow more food on their land,
  • reduce soil nutrient loss and improve soil quality, and
  • reduce the need for new farmland to be sequestered, which therefore reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by limiting deforestation.

Farmer education

While nitrogen fertilizers offer a sustainable means of maximizing yields, farmer education is essential to ensure nitrogen fertilizer application is optimized for both production and environmental protection. OCI works with farmers around the world through various initiatives to achieve this goal.

Developing more effective fertilizers

We have dedicated resources to develop reliable fertilizers with superior spreading and fertigation properties. Our products are environmentally friendly and provide optimal crop nutrition due to their quality, resulting in lower nitrogen loss and increased crop yields.

Our fertilizers are produced to meet the highest physical quality standards to ensure optimal spreading efficiency, which in turn:

  • minimizes yield losses,
  • minimizes soil nutrient loss,
  • minimizes other impacts on the environment such as water run-off due to optimal fertilizer application

UN sustainable development goals

We endeavour to continually improve our performance as part of our commitment to sustainability. In addition to our internal targets, we aim to continue to make meaningful contributions to achieving global targets, such as those set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe our activities contribute to achieving the following goals:

  • Goal

    OCI contribution

    We provide direct and indirect employment opportunities around the world with a commitment to maximize the use of local resources whenever possible by drawing local people into our company and developing their skills

    Our nitrogen fertilizers allow farmers to increase crop yields and improve food quality, resulting in improved food availability and improved diets

    Our sustainable fuels, namely methanol, bio-methanol, and DEF, are sustainable clean fuel alternatives that can be used to significantly reduce GHG emissions versus conventional fuels

    Distribution of economic growth ensures the financial wellbeing of employees and the communities in which we operate

    We strictly maintain safe, environmentally responsible production sites that protect local environments and ensure safe communities. We also invest in maintaining state-of-the-art production facilities with best-in-class technologies

    Our investment in maintaining state-of-the-art production facilities, coupled with the positive impact of our our sustainable fuels portfolio, allows us to minimize our emissions and consequently out impact on climate change. Our commitment to educating farmers on nutrient stewardship allows them to maximize yields at optimal fertilizer application. This in turn reduces soil nutrient loss, protects from deforestation, and minimizes runoff to groundwater.

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