Corporate governance

OCI N.V. is committed to the principles of good corporate governance.

Corporate governance structure

We believe that a good corporate governance structure supports our business, meets the needs of our stakeholders, and aligns the interests of management and shareholders thereby maximizing the profitability and long-term value of the company for shareholders.

We have designed our corporate governance structure in compliance with the company’s Articles of Association, the requirements of the Dutch Civil Code, applicable securities laws, and the rules, regulations of NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

The Board sets the strategic mandate for the Company with operational and financial goals relayed to management. The Executive Directors supervise the achievement of these goals through regular reporting from the each subsidiary’s management team and report progress to the OCI N.V. Board. 

Articles & by-laws

Compliance framework

We strive to conduct all business activities responsibly, transparently, and with integrity and respect towards all stakeholders. These values underpin everything we do and form the framework which defines the day-to-day attitudes and behaviors of our employees.

To make those values clear and provide clear ground rules for how we do business, our Compliance Framework comprises of policies and principles that outline in specific terms what we stand for as a company and the conduct required in the workplace, in how we deal with business partners, serve our customers, and the broader responsibilities we have to the communities in which we work and live.

Policies and Procedures

Meet our Board

We have a one-tier, majority independent Board of Directors.

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