Iowa Fertilizer Company

IFCo is the the first greenfield world-scale nitrogen fertilizer plant built in the United States in nearly 30 years. It is one of the largest nitrogen fertilizer plants in the United States and utilizes proven state-of-the-art production process technologies from world leaders.

IFCo’s diversified product portfolio includes ammonia, granular urea, and UAN, in addition to diesel exhaust fluid, a fuel additive used to lower harmful nitrogen oxide emissions and improve fuel economy. The facility’s design provides significant flexibility in determining the relative production amounts of its various nitrogen products and therefore allows IFCo to maximize production of swing products in response to changes in market dynamics and to maximize netback prices.

Annual production capacity

  • Anhydrous ammonia

  • Granular urea

  • Urea ammonium nitrate

  • Diesel exhaust fluid

Strategic location with strong distribution and logistics

IFCo is strategically located in southeastern Iowa, adjacent to the Iowa-Illinois border and in the center of the Midwest Corn Belt, the largest market in the United States for direct application nitrogen fertilizer products. IFCo’s logistics infrastructure is optimized with sizeable storage capacities and access to truck, rail and barge transportation. The combination of IFCo’s access to all forms of major transportation options, proximity to customers and storage capacity allows for significant optionality to maximize profitability and commercial reach.

Safety sheets

Find your future career with IFCo

As part of a wider global network our successes are thanks to our clear vision, maintained values, and our people. Our dedicated team of employees are the best in their fields and we aim to give our people the best environments to work in. Discover outstanding job and career opportunities with IFCo.

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